2017-18 Sinking Fund Renewal

  • August 8, 2017

    Our Board of Education approved the resolution to move forward with the plan to renew our Sinking Fund.  The renewal was on the August 8th Election Ballot and was approved by our community.  We would like to express our sincere thanks for your support! 

    Please remember this is a renewal – the same proposal which includes 3 mills for two years.
    The goal for the approved Sinking Fund will focus on new heating ventilation units in classrooms, updated heating controls, high school track repairs, and asphalt driveways and parking lots repairs. 

    In February of 2014, our Byron Area Schools’ community supported the Sinking Fund proposal.  This included 3 mills for two years.  With the funds generated through our Sinking Fund, we have been able to complete the following projects:

    1. “Wireless” Infrastructure in all three of our school buildings (during Summer of 2014)
    2. New Boilers for Byron Elementary, including some new pipes to vacate the inefficient pipes located outside under the sidewalk (during Summer of 2015)
    3. New Boilers in our High School (during Summer of 2015)
    4. Updated High School Science Classroom Labs (during Summer of 2016)
    5. New Roof on our High School (during Summer of 2017)
    6. New Roof on our Elementary School (during Summer of 2017)

    Please feel free to contact Tricia Murphy-Alderman, our Superintendent, if you have any questions or concerns.  You may reach her at 810-266-4881.

    Image of Thank You spelled out by kids  




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